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Business in Calgary Magazine October 2023: From Transactions to Connections

Updated: Feb 1

I'd like to express my gratitude to Business in Calgary Magazine for the feature in this month's article titled "From Transactions to Connections."

“Calgary-based realtor Catherine Chow goes above and beyond for her clients. While many realtors focus solely on buying and selling properties, Chow takes it a step further by hosting family-focused client events like bowling night, cooking classes and more. For her, it is a way to express her gratitude and let her clients know just how much they mean to her.

“Real estate transactions are often deeply personal. I always look for opportunities to connect with my clients with the aim of fostering stronger relationships beyond the professional realm.”

Family events allow Chow to meet her clients’ family members in a casual and natural setting. Instead of asking for introductions, these events facilitate organic interactions, helping her understand her clients’ lives and priorities better.

“These gatherings allow me to add value beyond real estate while giving me the opportunity to showcase my personality and interests outside of the office. It also allows people and their families to do things and go places they normally may not have the opportunity to do or to go to.”

While client events are often intimate gatherings with opportunities to connect, Chow makes it clear that they are not platforms for sales pitches or business asks. The primary purpose is to demonstrate the benefits of being a client and building genuine relationships. They also cultivate loyalty, which contributes to client retention. “When they think about real estate, I want my name to naturally come to the forefront.””

Link to full article:

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