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Business in Calgary Magazine February 2024: Mastering Event Success

I want to extend my thanks once again to Business in Calgary Magazine for featuring me in the February edition article titled "Mastering Event Success."

Special thanks to Erlynn (Erlene) Gococo for the interview opportunity!

“Calgary-based realtor Catherine Chow believes that events are essential to building relationships with her clients and says, “Companies should consider using an event planner if they are not seasoned in event planning, especially for larger functions.”

Chow echoes Scott’s comments and says, “Event planners can handle logistics, think of small details that could be missed, and know how to budget for events. They also have connections to performers and entertainment, making an event cohesive, especially if there is a theme.”

She recently planned a family-friendly client-focused bowling event using an event planner. “I used the Glencoe Club event planner for bowling, and she was able to select the wine menu appropriate for the time of year and number of guests. She also suggested an appropriate food menu and made sure the timing of everything was just right. One thing I know for sure is that timing is key when it comes to food service. Using an event planner allowed me to focus on the guest list and making meaningful connections with my clients and their friends and family.”

The attention to detail that Chow is referring to can make or break an event. Event planning requires meticulous attention to detail, and overlooking even small aspects can have significant consequences. An event planner’s thorough approach can make the difference between a mediocre event and a memorable one.”

Link to full article:

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